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Technique Session


Video Analysis

We offer video coaching for both swimming and running. Video swim analysis isn’t a necessity for skill improvement. However it certainly is a very useful tool. One of the benefits with video swim analysis is that you can change your technique and see what you’re doing wrong in real time. It also allows you to see what you are ACTUALLY doing as opposed to what you THINK you are doing! These can be wildly different, even for experienced athletes! Video assessment allows us to target particular weaknesses in your technique; things that might be causing injury / niggles, fatigue, or just slowing you down.

For swimming, our packages are as follows:


Swimming – Sprint package £80 – (1 hour session, with Instant Video feedback).


Swimming – Olympic package £100 – (1 hour session, with Instant Video feedback, DVD to take away).


Swimming – Middle distance package £120 – (1 hour session, with Instant Video feedback, DVD to take away, Full analysis report and Swim Correction Drills).


SwimmingLong distance package £140 – (as Middle distance package, with an additional 20 minute swim session for video analysis, at a later date).

Video swim analysis sessions are done at a private residence in Sneyd Park – in endless pool which allows us to video swimmers essentially swimming on the spot.

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1 to 1 Technique Sessions

These are sessions that can be done on a one-off basis or as a series of sessions; or as a regular check to see how techniques are improving and progressing. We run swim coaching in Bristol and around the country.

Swimming efficiently is the first target; then we can look to make it faster! The main aim is to make sure everything is as high in the water as possible and minimising the resistance. There are many schools of thought, the ASA, Total Immersion, Swim Smooth – countless others. What we will look to do is help you find the way that is best for you.

Running is something that is not normally taught. We just do it. However there are many things that will help make things just a little easier and/or faster. As with swimming there are many schools of thought – Chi Running, Pose Method, Barefoot Running, heel striking… As with the swimming above we will aim to help you with what works for your body and unique mechanics.

Sessions are £45 for 45 minutes. They are based completely around quality – so if things start to fall apart, for whatever reason we will stop. You still have my time, and we can work through things off the treadmill or out of the pool; but we won’t be encouraging bad habits! We can also do a pack of 5 sessions for £200.