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We do regular swim and run technique sessions – both in 1:1 and group sessions – and now we can do video analysis for swimming technique as well as the running! It’s a new tool for us to be able to help you!



Individually tailored to the conditions with as much contact time as required. We can do ongoing plans with unlimited contact, or more of a fixed term training plan where we can set all the sessions for you.



We work with various clubs in organising their swim and general training programmes to be as effective as possible.

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Personal Endurance Coaching

Personal Endurance Coaching

We know that everyone has their own motivations and approaches to training. Not everyone enjoys the process of training! Sport is a hobby apart from for the gifted few who can make a living out of it, so we need to enjoy it and need to smile! Every athlete is different and will respond to differing cues, so require alternative approaches to training. Time can be a real constraint to what you can get done in and around work or family lifestyles. We are determined to help push you toward your targets and goals in a focussed, efficient but enjoyable manner; challenging you physically and mentally.

This site is designed to be a portal for all athletes – from novices and beginners to elites alike – and treat every individual as unique. After all, we all have our own demands, situations and lives to take care of outside of sport!



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John is a very inspiring and enthusiastic coach. He is committed to ensuring his athletes got the very best of themselves and I enjoyed and progressed very quickly during my time with him. I won my first national titles swimming with him, and it certainly helped set up my development toward the Olympics in 2012 and the Commonwealth Games this year.

Siobhan Marie O’Connor

I’m not a great swimmer having only been swimming front crawl just over a year, I’ve been working with John to help me understand the mechanics of what I should be doing and with his advice and him demonstrating the various drills my swim stroke has improved greatly. Above all this is the confidence John has given me in the water and I no longer dread swimming sessions. I would recommend John to anyone lacking confidence or wants to improve technique, it’s amazing how quickly you will feel the benefits in the water.

Shawn Holland

Great swim session with John Wood yesterday. What John doesn't know about swimming isn't worth knowing, so he will always be quick to identify problem areas. His real strength, however, is in how positive, constructive and creative he is in working out drills and thoughts that will work specifically for you to solve those problems. Result? Smoother, faster, more efficient swimming. Thank you, John!

Chrissy Roberts

John Wood has been my triathlon coach for around 18 months and I simply cannot recommend him highly enough. John has worked with me over that time to refine a training plan and approach which is reaping rewards. John builds a great coach-athlete relationship to a point of real understanding and is able to motivate, reassure, guide, sometimes restrain and sometimes push me all with seemingly mystical timing.

I have improved dramatically under John's guidance and intend to continue to work with him for a long as I am racing Triathlon.  John Wood is a brilliant coach and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Richard Folley

As with the majority of people new to triathlons swimming was comfortably my weakest discipline. John put me at ease straight away, he asked me what I was hoping to gain from the lessons and we got straight to it. John knows what he is talking about, he doesn't over complicate things and he describes what he needs from you in a clear way that's easy to understand. After the lessons it was really useful talking to John as he is always giving you things to work on in your own time, which I really benefited from. I also liked that fact that it would have been very easy for John to tell me I needed loads of lessons and I would have believed him, but he didn't. He's a decent guy, I had two lessons and that was pretty much all I needed for the level I'm at at the moment. He offered advice on transitions, my cycling and running. In the two lessons I had I knocked 8 mins off of my 1500 time. Cheers, John!

Benjamin David

I took the 'plunge' to get some swim coaching, after entering the Outlaw Triathlon! I have previously struggled with the triathlon swim for some years now, but after only a few sessions, with John, my efficiency, speed and confidence have all improved greatly, and I knocked 5 mins off my swim time in the first standard distance Tri this year. I can't recommend John highly enough.

Jeremy Tiley

John has helped me over the last 3 years now, from having only just learned to swim all the way up to winning in Rio – and now on my challenge toward Tokyo 2020. John has really improved my swimming and taken the time to help me balance my stroke even with my missing leg. I can’t wait to work on the goals ahead!

Andy Lewis MBE

I wanted to complete a multi-day adventure race and a middle-distance triathlon this year, but needed to balance it with more responsibility at work. With less time available to train I soon realised that I would need some support to get the most out of my training.
I used to be a ‘same pace athlete’, but with John’s coaching I was able to reduce my training volume and still increase my performance. John helped me train smarter, peak for the races and improve my running. His training plans, supportive nature and ability to motivate people helped me achieved 2 personal bests and complete the multiday adventure with a smile on my face.

Hilda May Latham

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Updated website + Virtual video swim analysis

You may or may not have noticed, but there have been a couple of changes around here!Some of it has been structural for the website – but there is also a new feature, a new toolthat we are offering. The website has been in need of a bit of love, care and attention...

Oct 16, 2023

New swim coaching location

Exciting news! While it is amazing coaching people and helping to get people comfortablein the water, or improve their swimming in Bristol, there are a large number of people whoare a long way away from there! With that, its an amazing privilege to announce that...

Oct 16, 2023

Running Downhill Effectively

Almost every runner we work with at some point asks about how their new, more efficient running technique applies when running uphill and running downhill. There are some great cues and concepts to take note of when it comes to successful hill running. Get these...

Aug 15, 2014


Welcome to Tri-Coaching, based in Bristol. Welcome to our little part of the world and of the internet! Have a look around, hopefully we can help. If you have any questions, or think that we might be missing a trick, get in touch via our contact page. Thanks!...

May 21, 2012

European Age Group Championships

Friday April 20th was the date for the Standard distance event of the European Age Groups. I was lined up on the start pontoon in a wetsuit-the decision of the day with the water temperature hovering around the 20 degree mark. I think I made the right decision,...

May 21, 2012

Team Triathlon Shop – Felt

The Triathlon Shop in Bristol have asked me to be part of their race team for the year, racing on Felt bikes, in K-Swiss kit and shoes, and supported by Oakley, Bell, Soleus, Balega and Headsweats. Jon Burrage, store owner and director, has collected together a...

May 21, 2012

Balance in the water

Most of my athletes know that I'm not a big fan of using a pull buoy for doing technique work. In my view, too many triathletes rely on a pull buoy to do the work for them and get lazy through their core - so they just switch off. Of course there is a time and a...

Apr 8, 2014

Training days

We are very pleased to announce that we will be running training days with Events Logic up at Lake 62 in the Cotswolds! Initially the first events will be familiarisation sessions for novices and intermediates, but we are looking to expand both in numbers and also...

Apr 9, 2014

Head Up Swim Drill & Sighting

With triathlon season now coming into full swing in the UK, and the Open Water challenge swims not far off, learning to swim effectively with head up is important. As any of my swimmers will tell you, its one of the few times I will tell them to look forward; if...

Apr 29, 2014

Running Form

Olà from Alcochete in Portugal! One of the three sites for our partners at; we were running in the sun by the banks of the River Tejo and it's super peaceful! For today's Run Form Friday comment I wanted to look at why we do drills and skills, why...

Apr 11, 2014

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On Going Plans

£100/mo On going coaching – Tailored online coaching plans to help you reach your goals and your potential!

Swim & Run Technique

from £45 Swim and run tech – 121 sessions to improve or strengthen your swim and your run – from beginner to expert.

Video Analysis

from £70
Video Analysis – video swim analysis packages to give you an in depth look at your stroke, and improve your awareness and understanding.