Balance in the water

woman in black bikini swimming in water

Most of my athletes know that I’m not a big fan of using a pull buoy for doing technique work. In my view, too many triathletes rely on a pull buoy to do the work for them and get lazy through their core – so they just switch off. Of course there is a time and a place for using a pull buoy – working on arm strength through pull work etc, but it has to be done correctly and not just as a fall back. REMEMBER: You should be swimming quicker when you kick your legs than without! Otherwise you can refer back to some of our other.

One way that a pull buoy can be used as a tool is to affect your body’s balance in the water. The pull buoy is rarely used to teach the ownership of balance, but by using it to shift the balance point of the body, an athlete can learn more about adjusting their stroke.

Using a standard tool in a new way keeps the variables of how to swim in the athlete’s mind. It’s a nice change to standard drills, and is a bit fun too.

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