Updated website + Virtual video swim analysis

You may or may not have noticed, but there have been a couple of changes around here!
Some of it has been structural for the website – but there is also a new feature, a new tool
that we are offering.

The website has been in need of a bit of love, care and attention for a little while. While it
has looked good, it was getting a little clunky and I had had mention of things not working
too well… so it’s had a little bit of an overhaul. Everything is now working as it should,
smoothly and you can book sessions in the normal way – or a prospective coaching call if
you want more information on what we do, how we work and what we can do together to
help you reach your goals.

One thing that is new to the website, the really important thing, is that we are now offering
online video swim analysis. This is something that we believe will really help swimmers
who aren’t near Bristol, or even can’t get to see any local swim teacher/coach.

Video swim analysis on it’s own is a really useful tool to help improve your swim. By being
able to see what you’re doing – even without any explanation from an expert – you can
start to see what may need changing; even if you don’t know where to start! With
experienced eyes on, we can have a discussion about a plan to progress your swim – help
you to be smoother, swim easier, and ideally get faster as well.

The new offering on the website, the online video swim analysis then, allows us to look at
your swim at a distance. We can take videos of your swim, take time to watch it and relay
all that information back to you. We need you to send us a couple of videos of at least
thirty seconds in length, preferably from the side and then from the front. From here, we
can build up a comprehensive plan to build up your technique. You can come away from
the process with a list of drills to focus on – and the order in which to build them up and
layer them into your stroke.

So, if you’re interested in getting your stroke looked at and an action plan to work on your
swim, have a look on the website (link) and upload your videos to our secure portal! Lets
get you swimming stronger and easier as soon as possible!

Are you ready to get in shape? 

If you are interested in one of the training programs with professional coach, you can make an appointment now. You can also submit a video of your training to get a professional assessment of your current performance form.

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