Video Coaching for Swimming is Here!

person swimming on an olympic pool

It was great to sit down and chat with Jon and Holly, owners of our partners at the Triathlon Shop in Bristol to nail down a very important agreement for us.

In May, the Triathlon Shop will be officially moving to the Harbourside in Bristol from its current Temple Quay/Station location. As a part of that expansion, they will have the only Elite Endless Pool (capable of pumping water at 50s/100yard pace!) in the south west of the UK. In addition it will be the only one available to private hire!

As of the 1st week in June, we at Tri-Coaching will be the sole coach using the Triathlon Shop’s pool facilities with a range of different value packages; hopefully something to suit everyone’s pocket and requirements. We cannot wait to grow our partnership – but also make the most of an amazing facility; video swim analysis is something that many athletes have already been asking us about and been after for quite a long time. We should have bookings available very soon.

In addition to our services, the Triathlon Shop will also have a competition of some kind to see if anyone can “outswim” the pool. My fastest 100m race was 51.3 long course (50m pool for triathletes reading) so it will be interesting to see if anyone can get close to the challenge!! Check back soon for more info!

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