As with the majority of people new to triathlons swimming was comfortably my weakest discipline. John put me at ease straight away, he asked me what I was hoping to gain from the lessons and we got straight to it. John knows what he is talking about, he doesn’t over complicate things and he describes what he needs from you in a clear way that’s easy to understand. After the lessons it was really useful talking to John as he is always giving you things to work on in your own time, which I really benefited from. I also liked that fact that it would have been very easy for John to tell me I needed loads of lessons and I would have believed him, but he didn’t. He’s a decent guy, I had two lessons and that was pretty much all I needed for the level I’m at at the moment. He offered advice on transitions, my cycling and running. In the two lessons I had I knocked 8 mins off of my 1500 time. Cheers, John!