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Personal blog time this week!!

Sometimes it’s difficult to get out the door and train. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the motivation to go and do the the sessions you need to do; or push through the hard parts and places of sessions when your brain is telling you you can’t be bothered. We all have been there! Don’t feel that you are alone!

The reason I say this is because I’d felt like this with some of my own training. I’ve set my own plans, toward my own goal, and yet there have been days where I just can’t be arsed don’t feel up to it.

This is where you need to speak to someone. If you have a coach, potentially that should be your first port of call – if you’re not motivated to go and do their sessions, toward things you have agreed between you, then elements need to change. As a coach myself, I’m very aware that I need to keep on top of where each of my athletes are at, make sure they are happy with each week ahead or week past.

I was very fortunate to grab a chat with Kim Ingleby of Energised Performance to sort out my head space! Kim is an expert in NLP, and as one of her clients has written, a mind and body ninja! It was very useful to go through things with her – the basic outcome was that I needed to change particular environments to make some of my training more appealing and ultimately more successful. Since our chat, it’s been good to alter my plan and now I’m looking forward to implementing that!

Being your own coach has its advantages. You know your own body, your strengths and weaknesses, the time you have available to you – and occasionally more than any expert (I certainly wouldn’t put myself in the expert category!)! But an external coach can be a useful tool in achieving your goals – whether that be adding extra weapons to your armoury, or just sorting things out in your head.

Obviously I’d love to help people, that’s why I do the coaching – but hopefully I can give food for thought with my own experiences as well as with the services I offer!

Happy Training!

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