Playing With Surface area

All swimmers need to understand how to use their entire arm to pull in freestyle, so here’s a fun way to move the pull from depending on your hand, to depending on your arm.

Why Do It:
By varying the size of the connection of the hand AND FOREARM, but setting the goal of keeping the same number of strokes per length, the swimmer has to adapt various parts of their stroke to compensate for the changes in connection size. These compensations teach a more well rounded overall stroke.

How to Do It:
1. Start with some 25s using paddles. The increased surface area typically means the swimmer will take fewer strokes than normal. Count these strokes.
2. Now take off the paddles and go a few more 25s swimming nomally, counting the strokes, and trying to take the same number as before.
3. Next, swim a few more 25s with your fists closed tightly… with the goal of taking the same number of strokes per length.

How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
Do this set a few times, but alternate starting with paddles, to starting with fists. When you start with fists, you do 25s using fists, counting strokes, then 25s normal swimming, and then 25s with paddles. The more knowledgable you are about your overall stroke, the closer all these counts will become. Using more power with the inside of the arm, or even using more kick… it’s all legal, and it all helps.

Limit the rest, and these quick sets become very challenging as well.

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