Swimming in the pipeline

person diving on pool during daytime

Today’s video is more of an idea than a drill, something to aim for to be a better, faster, more efficient swimmer.

If you watch closely, the swimmer’s technique doesn’t change from swimming slowly to when she sprints.

Why Do It:
Swimming in the pipeline means keeping your stroke underwater tight and compact, close to the body. This helps to keep control of your underwater phase, control your balance and also maintain a straight course in open water.

How To Do It:
Pulling together all of the key points from the last few weeks:

1. Strong posture from a long neck and neutral spine.
2. Set strong core, and hip driven rotation.
3. Smooth fingertip entry.
4. Early bend of the elbow, good connection and pressure on the water.
5. Powerful squeeze back initiated from the hips rotating and from the lats (back muscles).

See what’s up next week for our #SwimTechTues tip! For more in depth understanding on how to put this into practise, get in touch and we’ll see how we can help!

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