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With the racing season fast approaching, most athletes are thinking of entering events – whether its their first ever race or as a seasoned competitor! One of the things that can really help your motivation towards the season, and help give you real direction with your swim is to get a video swim analysis done.

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What Is Video Swim Analysis

A video swim analysis is a valuable tool for improving your stroke – it can showcase flaws in technique that may be holding back your speed and efficiency. Using underwater video cameras and video playback not only can the coach see what is being done by the swimmer, but the swimmer is then also able to see what is happening – which may well be vastly different from what they believe!

What Are The Benefits Of Video Swim Analysis

Most swim coaches can stand on the deck and develop a fairly good idea of what their swimmers and triathletes are doing…or not doing. For example: the can see if the kick is too wide or the elbows are dropped, if the swimmer is not finishing the stroke, or if there are bi-lateral imbalances or a lack of hip rotation.

But, similar to an iceberg, a swimmer viewed only from the surface of the water can be – and many times is – very deceptive.
Really, most of the body sits under the water. Viewed from the topside, form and technique often look great, yet when viewed from below the surface, there might be indications of a considerable need for improvement.

In addition to the altered perception above the water, observing a swimmer at actual swim speed is difficult at best. It’s nearly impossible for the human eye to catch and analyze motion in split-second intervals.

So, how do you expose the good, the bad and the ugly of a swim stroke?

Video swim analysis is the best way for athletes looking to improve overall stroke technique. Video swim analysis gives the coach the opportunity to view a swimmer at a multitude of angles, speed and positions to better assess their unique strengths and weaknesses. Also, if you are a visual learner, being able to see what you are doing makes a big difference to being able to process the information you are getting.

You can book your video swim analysis with our ex international swimmer and coach here.

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