Biggest Tip To Improve Your Swim – Enjoy Swimming!

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The biggest barrier to people improving their swim is the fact that many don’t enjoy it! If you don’t enjoy swimming, it doesn’t matter how often you get in the pool, or show up to training – or even have lessons – it’s going to make improvements very difficult to come by. Put simply, if you can enjoy swimming regardless of your ability, be comfortable in the water and maybe even look forward to sessions (OK that might be pushing it a little!), it will make life far easier to swim faster/stronger/more efficiently.

Enjoy Swimming

I’d say its fairly obvious that it’s not just as simple as deciding to enjoy swimming. But that said, there are things you can do to make your time in the water more enjoyable.

Firstly you need to understand why you don’t enjoy swimming. For some, they don’t feel comfortable in the water, they don’t feel relaxed. Others don’t find it easy to breath. The majority don’t enjoy swimming because they find it boring to do.

Then you need to work out a way round your roadblock to enjoying swimming. If you find swimming boring, that’s probably the easiest to sort! You can do any number of things with your swim sessions, but what it comes down to is creating some variation in your swim sessions and then not just ploughing up and down the pool aimlessly. Variation you can bring by changing the pace, adding in drills. You might even try swimming a different stroke. All of the above will not only alleviate boredom, but they will improve your swimming too. It’s a no brainer really!

For those swimmers that find it difficult to relax in the water, focus on good posture and being able to float well. Try and do some floating exercises, learning to allow the water to support your body.

Simply being able to relax in the water can help you float – then you can work on the technical bits!

What ever you do, your swim sessions should be enjoyable – that’s why we do sport after all!

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